What does ZDX Finance solve?


Our investment opportunities are still limited. Even with the development of crypto assets trading and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), our investment opportunities are still limited for various reasons.

  • Geographic Barriers

    • It is not easy to purchase assets outside of your area (country) of residence

  • Cost

    • When you convert the crypto assets in your wallet to fiat money and send them to your brokerage account, you will be charged various fees

  • Risk

    • Investing in crypto assets is volatile and there are many fraudulent projects


ZDX Finance provides access to Real-World Assets. ZDX Finance provides access to real-world assets by issuing tokens linked to the price of stocks, bonds, and other assets.

  • Borderless

    • As long as you have Wallet, you can access your assets worldwide

  • Cost-effective

    • Since all transactions are completed on the blockchain and run on L2, fees, including gas costs, are significantly reduced

  • Risk Management

    • it is possible to invest in stocks of major companies like GAFAM or trustworthy financial products like the S&P500, allowing for appropriate risk management while retaining cryptocurrency assets.

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