ZDX Token (ZDXT) is the governance token of ZDX Finance. Users who lock ZDXT gain voting rights to participate in governance polls and receive rewards from the protocol fees of redeeming CDPs.

Token Allocation

  • Pre-seed Investor 5.895%: 6 months cliff, 25% unlocked every 2 months

ZDX has already raised $400k in a venture capital. This is their portion of the tokens.

  • Seed Investor 5.71%: 12 months cliff, unlocked 12.5% every 3 months

  • Token Sales 10%: 12 months cliff, unlocked 12.5% every 3 months

  • LP staking rewards 40%: 1Y 53.33%, 2Y 26.66%, 3Y 13.33%, 4Y 6.66%

Tokens will be distributed to users who have provided liquidity to the zAsset and ZDXT liquidity pools.

  • ZDXT locking rewards 10%: 1Y 25%, 2Y 25%, 3Y 25%, 4Y 25%

Tokens are distributed to users who have locked their ZDXT.

  • Treasury 11.395%: Genesis distribution 25%, Y2 25%, Y3 25%, Y4 25%

The tokens will be managed by Treasury to fund the protocol operations.

  • Team/Advisor 16.0%: 12 months cliff, unlocked 12.5% every 3 months

ZDXT will be distributed to the core team and advisors of protocol development.

  • Marketing 1%:

This will be distributed as rewards and airdrops to contributors to campaigns and marketing to boost the ZDX community.

ZDXT Locking Rewards

ZDXT lockers receive veTokens according to their locking amount and lock period. The distribution amount of ZDXT allocated for the ZDXT Locking Rewards is distributed as rewards for lockers. The reward that lockers receive is calculated based on the proportion of their veTokens to the total supply.

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