Users can do any of the following to participate in the ZDX Finance.

  • Trader

  • Minter

  • Shorter

  • Liquidity Provider

  • Locker

  • Liquidator


A trader buys and sells zAsset/DAI pairs through DEX and profits from the price exposure they create.


A minter is a user who has a Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) against DAI as collateral in order to mint new zAssets. At the time of the mainnet release, only DAI will be available as collateral, but ZDXT and zAssets will be added as collateral assets as the protocol stabilizes.

The main use case for zAssets issued by CDP is for use in Liquidity Providing. See the Liquidity Provider section for more information.


A shorter also has a CDP by selecting the short position when creating the CDP. The shorter will not receive the zAssets but receive DAI obtained from selling zAsset on a DEX and sLP tokens instead (sLP tokens are not actually transferred to the shorter's wallet, but the their ownership of the sLP tokens are managed by the contract).

They receive the rewards by staking sLP tokens depends on the difference between real-world and DEX prices (price premium). The greater the price premium, the greater the rewards for staking sLP tokens.

Liquidity Provider

A liquidity provider is a user who adds zAsset and DAI to the corresponding DEX pools and receives NFT that express your liquidity providing position. Liquidity providers can receive swap fees from the pool they provide to as liquidity-providing rewards, and also can receive additional reward by staking NFT.


A locker is a user who locks ZDXT and gets veTokens. The veToken represents voting powers and is calculated from the amount of ZDXT to be locked and the maximum lock dura. In addition, lockers will receive ZDXT according to their voting powers as rewards.


A liquidator redeems a CDP that has fallen below the minimum collateral rate on behalf of the CDP owner and receives a CDP's collateral with a liquidation discount in exchange.

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